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Made by brokers, for brokers
We created Brokerpad to help our own business and our peers in the industry. Over the past 7 years, we've been pioneering the digital innovation in the industry. We understand the domain, we understand the people. So you're in safe hands.
We are constantly on the look out to bring in the latest technology that can make our industry and its brokers efficient and scalable. Brokerpad is based on cutting edge research & development using the latest cloud infrastructure, security and data science. You'll know the difference.
Customers first. Always.
More than anything, our core philosophy has always been customer-first, customer-focused and customer-obsessed. We offer an unchallenged level of support and service for all of our users to make sure that your experience with Brokerpad is a success.
Brokerpad Core Features
Everything you need, nothing you don't.
Free Lead Capture Form
Your Brokerpad account comes with a free Lead Capture Form, which you can simply share on your website or Facebook.
When a client fills out the form, their details are instantly added to your Brokerpad account. An email notification gives you details about the client and what they want so you can act quickly.
Automated Fact Finding
No one enjoys filling out a long form, which is why we are obsessed with automating your end-to-end fact finding process.
Brokers using our platform save anywhere between 3 to 5 hours per client, while collecting higher quality responses and documents. You can now focus more time on growing your business.
Templates for Faster Process
Use our templates for Assets, Liabilities, Expenses & Documents.
You can tweak them or add as many more as you need. It means you can customise your fact find in seconds for different types of customers. It improves the quality of information clients give you because the forms are more relevant to their situation.
Powerful Document Collection
We understand how important it is to collect the right documents, but also how tedious it can be. So we built the most powerful and flexible document collection tool right into Brokerpad.
Use our templates to quickly get started, rename your clients' files, download them all as a zip file and more, all in an Enterprise-Grade secure file storage.
Complete Mercury Integration
Are you a Connective broker? Welcome! Brokerpad integrates seamlessly with Mercury so you never have to do another data entry task.
Create & update opportunities with a click of a button, import existing clients and opportunities directly into your Brokerpad account, so your client doesn’t need to re-enter everything again.
Security, Privacy & Compliance
Be assured that all of your and your clients' data is securely stored within our Australian cloud infrastructure with the latest and most comprehensive encryption and authentication measures.
It provides our users with absolute confidence in the security and privacy of data while ensuring you meet all of your compliance needs when using Brokerpad.
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Brokerpad Pricing
Simple pricing, backed by Stripe - the world's largest & most secure online payment platform.
$0 / Month
Fast, easy-to-use CRM to collect and manage client information
Includes a lead capture form that you can integrate with your website or Facebook page
Enquiries from your website or Facebook page are instantly added to Brokerpad with email notification.
Personalize your Brokerpad account with your own colours and images
Add your own personalized intro video
Your contact details on every page
Your logo and portrait on every page
This plan is always available for free even after the end of the 30-day free full version trial.
Get Started
No payment or credit card required
$66 / Month
Includes all features from the Free Plan plus
Automated online Fact Find for clients, with Smart Forms
Automated document collection system
Documents downloaded into zip file and file renaming capability
Create & manage templates for assets, liabilities and documents to instantly customise fact find
Automatic generation of detailed client PDF report
NCCP compliance questions
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No payment or credit card required
$88 / Month
Includes all features from
the Free + Standard Plans plus
Integration with Mercury
Uploads client data and documents to Mercury
Creates Opportunities or updates existing ones in Mercury
Imports existing client data from Mercury to Brokerpad
Full Client > Broker > Bank Functionality
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