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Brokerpad Core Features
Brokerpad is a secure online fact find and document collection platform for mortgage brokers that makes it easy to collect information from clients. It can automate your loan process from Client to Broker to Bank. Here are just some of the features that will help you to be more efficient.
Secure Data Portal
Security has been our number one priority and we have built Brokerpad on top of the latest enterprise-grade cloud platform to ensure that information from you and your clients is secure.
Documents Automation
We understand the pain of collecting documents. So we created a user-friendly solution where your clients upload their documents. These are automatically renamed and collated into a zip file. You can also create document checklist templates to speed your workflow.
Integration with Mercury
Brokerpad is tightly integrated with Mercury, which means you no longer need to enter data manually. Simply select the client, click Upload to Mercury and their details and documents are uploaded.
Intelligent & friendly forms
Nobody likes filling out forms. That's why we built intelligent forms that adapt to handle the simplest to the most complex deals. Clients are guided with tips & suggestions as they fill out, resulting in high-quality information in less time.
Automation to scale your business
To scale your business you need to be able to handle more deals. Our users typically save 2-6 hours per client, get better quality information and actually improve customer service. Brokerpad's automated features will help you to scale your business without the need for additional staff.
Compliance? We've got you covered.
Brokerpad is built with input from our user base and compliance managers. We know what questions to ask and review them constantly to help you to stay compliant.
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All pricing plans come with the following document automation features plus the features available with each plan.
Facility for clients to upload documents
Broker can also upload and store docs
Automatically renames files
Group similar doc types by prefix
Secure storage of client docs
Collate docs into single zip file for download
$44 / Month
Secure online fact find for clients
Manages client data online
Repeat clients don’t need to re-enter data
Produces detailed client reports
NCCP compliance questions
Customize colours and images
Personalized intro video
Your contact details on every page
Your logo and portrait on every page
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$77 / Month
All standard features + Mercury Integration
Eliminates data entry by uploading client data and docs to Mercury
Auto-populates new Opportunities/Clients, or updates existing ones in Mercury
Full Client > Broker > Bank Functionality
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